Fast, responsive, sharp. A connectivity to the road that asks for you to keep ticking over the pedals. To feel the acceleration over and over.  Now imagine with your eyes closed you are being lowered onto the perfect fitting road bike. When you combine those two ideas you have what it is like to own a KirkLee road bike.

At KirkLee we build for the individual that wants something special.  We have never built the same bike twice. Having much of our molding in house gives us the ability to be very detailed on achieving a custom fit and ride quality.

Some of the things that set KirkLee’s apart are:

  • Tapered top and down tubes
  • Carbon fiber cable stops
  • Marbelizing lay up process
  • Any geometry possible
  • 100% painted finishes
  • The ability to customize any part of the bike for the rider

We realize what we build often is closer to art than machine, but as we tell each of our owners, “The ride is every bit as good as the look.”

Road Frame: $5,800 Warranty: Lifetime

From the Factory Floor

KirkLee Orange Crush


This bike was built to be subtle, but have striking qualities on the inside edges. When viewed from the side you only see logos, but at an angle you see the highlights inside the fork and rear triangle. For the extra touch, logos and panels are pin-striped in white. Yes, just like all the others, […]

KirkLee Emas


This KirkLee started with an Indonesian bike fit and a translator who owns a KirkLee. The only instruction given was to build a custom bike, make the logos gold (emas in Indonesian), and use Di2. We do our best work with that kind of freedom.

KirkLee Zoncolan


This was a fun bike to build. We were given just enough information to deliver the customer’s needs, but freedom to “make it elegant.” Things to note are internal Di2 and external Chris King headset. Paint directions called for silver logos, red highlights and a final clear that is between flat and gloss. The name […]

KirkLee Maroon Candy


hat happens when a professional fitter tells you your really nice bike needs tall spacers under the stem? You call KirkLee to build a similar bike, but with fine tuned geometry and no spacers. We finished this KirkLee off with a candy maroon fade and metallic silver logos. Looks amazing outside in the sun. It’s […]