Seat stay repaired  with paint retouching.At KirkLee we never intended to repair frames, but it seems to have evolved into a “community service.” We have seen the tears from carbon frame owners who due to a small mishap have no choice but to spend over a thousand dollars on a new frame. It is hard to stand aside and watch, knowing we have the skills and materials to bring these bikes back, better than new.

We’ve fixed top tubes, down tubes, seat stays, you name it on road and mountain bikes. At this point we have heard of every possible way a frame can break, but we always welcome another try. Turn around time is usually two weeks if we’re not too busy with our custom frames. Prices will vary depending on repair complexity and paint refinishing.

Give us a call if you have any questions. We want to get you back on the road as soon as possible. If your bike happens to be beyond repair, it might be time for that custom KirkLee.

3-Step Carbon Frame Repair Process

  • E-mail KirkLee with photos and details of the repair needed for an estimate.
  • Strip the frame of everything (derailleur hangers, headset cups, etc) and ship it to KirkLee. Include an envelope with payment and a return shipping address.
  • In two to three weeks your repaired bike will arrive at your doorstep.