KirkLee Zoncolan

This was a fun bike to build. We were given just enough information to deliver the customer’s needs, but freedom to “make it elegant.” Things to note are internal Di2 and external Chris King headset. Paint directions called for silver logos, red highlights and a final clear that is between flat and gloss. The name comes from the owner riding a KirkLee up Mt. Zoncolan during the 2014 Giro d’Italia. This is the “climbing KirkLee.”

KirkLee Maroon Candy

hat happens when a professional fitter tells you your really nice bike needs tall spacers under the stem? You call KirkLee to build a similar bike, but with fine tuned geometry and no spacers. We finished this KirkLee off with a candy maroon fade and metallic silver logos. Looks amazing outside in the sun. It’s already set a few Strava KOM’s, so watch out!

KirkLee Gabby

This bike was wonderful to build. Starting with a custom fit, we discussed every aspect of the bike. We raked out the front fork due to a shorter top tube and lengthened the chains stays to gain wheelbase. Most KirkLee’s start simple and get complex. This one started out complex with ideas of a dragon wrapping the front triangle and became more elegant. During the paint process we viewed it in the sunlight and knew it was “complete.”