KirkLee Indo

Long conversations over geometry, discussions over handling traits, and bike comparisons led us to finalize the geometry on this bike. While this bike will run a mechanical gruppo, if you look closely you will see custom made hole plugs with no wire provisions (under the top tube and bottom of the seat tube) to be removed when the switch to electronic is made. Paint consists of candy maroon tubes that fade into clear carbon joints and two metallic silver KirkLee logos. The difference between good and great? It’s always in the details!

KirkLee Thunderstruck

This bike started out as most KirkLee’s: custom tubes, geometry, the works. Paint began with a rocking geometric street art theme that ties in the stem and seat post. The metallic silver color was matched to Dura Ace components and inside the pattern we used a dark metallic gray. We added blue pin stripes to make logos pop. Every where else we let the carbon fiber shine.

KirkLee Paisley

The inspiration behind this bike was a balance of just enough, but not too much. The paint was based off of a production frame that used logos in obscure places. All white panels evolved into flowing paisleys with scrolling panels highlighted in metallic silver. The custom geometry is complemented by the ride qualities of our sculpted independent stays.

KirkLee Surfliner

The latest generation KirkLee is the result of using our in-house manufacturing to offer an independent-stayed road bike that further shows off the KirkLee craftsmanship. We designed the seat stays with hour glass curves that round, ovalize and gain height depending on the location and angle. The chain stays are sculpted inside to clear extra wide rims and up to a 28c tire and outside to clear chain rings and heels. Chain stays are extra tall near the bottom bracket and are ovalized as they meet the drop out.  The rear dropouts are CNC’d aluminum with drive side provisions for electronic shifting. Our goal was to make the dropouts as artistic as the rest of the bike. Both inside and outside of each dropout are machined for weight savings. All of this is topped off with a beautiful carbon fiber brake bridge. The front triangle is still contains the custom in-house molded tubes synonymous with KirkLee.