KirkLee Green Machine

This bike started at the 2011 NAHBS with a prospective customer looking at a similar painted bike and complimentarily saying “You guys have to build me one like this.” We agreed but we do not build the same bike twice. The result you see here is version two. Full Campy Super Record, Ritchey cockpit and Rol D’Huez clinchers on Alchemy hubs round out the package.

KirkLee Hardtail 26″

The 2nd phase of the KirkLee hardtail prototype. We polished the 6/4 Ti dropouts to a mirror finish. We converted it to disc brakes using Chris King hubs and ZTR Alpine rims. Rotor cockpit, a Magura Durin SL fork and Marta SL brakes, which perform as good as they look. Weight with out pedals is in the range of 19 – 20 lbs and is as explosive as you can imagine.

KirkLee Cowboy Snap

“I want logos, pearl as the snaps on a cowboy shirt.” This bike goes to a good friend / track racer who has waited a long time for his KirkLee. We custom laid the top and down tubes to build a bike that means something to each of us. You may also note a true full carbon BB-30 bottom bracket. This one is special.

STOLEN: Six bicycles from KirkLee

Six bicycles were stolen from KirkLee (1006 Brentwood St., Austin, Texas) during the night of March 21st. Please contact us at 512-371-9661 or if you have any information on the whereabouts of these bicycles. Click on the photo to view a larger version of the bicycle. Bicycle #1: KirkLee Custom Road Bike Black with…

KirkLee Riggs

This KirkLee was developed with the idea that one could ride all day and still turn the pedals in anger when needed. Built with carbon tubes made in-house with a SRAM PressFit BB30 and tapered head tube. The idea behind the paint job was to let people know a KirkLee was rolling in and to take notice.

KirkLee Hand Off

Walking the isles at Interbike we were handed a picture of a frame, basic dimensions, and instructions to “Build something like this.” This frame uses a standard 1 1/8″ steer tube, Ti shell English thread BB. If you look closely you will see an externally butted seat tube. After finalizing the dimensions we built what you see here. Another KirkLee custom built to spec and a true one of one.

KirkLee Frost

Less is more was the theme for this bike. The bike’s original design was to be stealth with subtle logos and graphics. The logos you see here are frosted into the clear with no actual color applied; only a change in texture. When the bike gets wet, the logos disappear.

Stiffness is the #1 ride quality of this frame, which is why the carbon layups are brought farther down the chain stays. This bike also uses one of KirkLee’s externally butted seat tubes where the front derailleur clamp and seat clamp area is 34.9mm while the rest of the tube is slightly smaller in diameter. This frame uses a SRAM Press Fit 30 bottom bracket, which looks bitchin’ with the Cannondale SL BB-30 cranks. The frame is topped off with a 1.5” tapered head tube adding to the stiffness.

When asking the owner about his new frame he said, “It is the first new bike I have ever bought that I could tell it was mine the second I threw a leg over it.”

10/22/12 BIKE STOLEN: This KirkLee and three other bikes were stolen from the owner’s garage in the San Francisco area. Please contact us if you happen to see it.